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Top Ideas for Luxury Interior Designing at Home

Home is a special place for everyone, a space where we feel secure, comfortable no matter if the place is small or large. We always want our place to be warm, designed with high functionality & inviting. But some of us also want our home to be luxurious, and making it luxury is really simple if you have the right ideas and mind while designing your place. Hiring residential interior design companies in Dubai is always a good idea when it comes to making your place luxurious as their experience in the field is very immense. Now, let us have a look at the top ways on how to make your place more aesthetic.


  • A large ornately framed mirror on the wall as the first step would be perfect. It can help in creating luxurious feel & glamour in the decor as it also creates the illusion of spaciousness.


  • Lighting always plays an important role when it comes to creating a luxurious space. The combination of natural & artificial lighting creates something amazing & mesmerizing at every time of the day. You can incorporate single glass, chandeliers, pendant lights or go old school with antique holders/lights to create a charming atmosphere in your house.


  • A rug with galiding colors & patterns that matches the wall colors or the decor theme is another way to define your style when it comes to your home.


  • The wall art was in fashion earlier & is still in fashion. The wall arts like wall murals, wall textured, trimmings or leather panels can work wonders in increasing the luxury quotient of the whole place.


  • If you really want your house to look luxurious then you don’t need regular white and pastels. As per the best residential interior designers if you want to add glamour to your house then you must use the latest hues of red, green and even metallic colors.


  • When it comes to luxury then it detailing also matters because luxury interior designing is all about details. The color on the walls and placement of furniture should also be accurate.


  • Use of wood in your residence is also a good idea as wooden flooring, wooden panels or wooden furniture, creates a sophisticated place at your home.


  • Luxury & Comfort goes hand in hand, so you have to use posh seating, king size beds, latest gadgets for every possible use to make life easier for the user with maximum comfort.


These are the top tips on how to have a luxurious interior design. We suggest to take help from the experts of Appello Interiors, as they can turn your interior design into something spectacular in very limited time. If you really want to have a luxurious place then hiring Appello Interiors would be the best decision.

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