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The Fastest Growing Trends In Hotel Interior Design

Times are changing and with it modern hotels have cleverly adapted to rapid social changes with creative solutions. To be honest such changes are an absolute necessity in this competitive & ever changing world. It is not only about the rooms anymore, every aspect of hotel interior plays an important role for highly personalized experience. Most of the hotel owners have already started transforming accommodation units into the highlights of any escape.


It wasn’t that long ago that a lobby was just a lobby, and a kitchen was just a kitchen. Today, it has never been more important to have thoughtfully-designed spaces containing items that spark joy in us. With a positive & top class interior you will be able to flaunt your hotel to every person entering through that lobby straight to your reception. In this post we will cover the most striking interior design trends that shape up today’s hospitality scene. Whether you own a hotel or planning to design the hotel, here we have the latest trends on which you must bat your eyes for a better business opportunity.


Lobbies are Envisioned as Dynamic Multi-Use Spaces

If you have witnessed any luxury hotel design, then you must have seen that they try to capture your first impression. The lobbies must be an important aspect to be considered for a striking first impression. The importance of entrance lobbies is growing, as social encounters become more and more dependent on the particular hotel area. As per the latest trend, hotel lobbies should provide a multi-use space for casual as well as formal talks.


This sincerely means that a simple sofa and a coffee table arrangement won’t cut it. You can take help from hotel lobby interior designers  to make the space creative, intimate and social all at the same time. The luxury designs as per today’s trend include larger green walls, indoor waterfalls, large chandeliers, multimedia stations and many other such eye catching things.


Rethink Room Configurations

If you still think that a classic bed-table locker combo enough to make a hotel room feel inviting then surely you are wrong. In this ever changing world, people expect for surprises when they are away from home. That’s the main reason why the interior designers in Dubai are looking for the latest technology and ideas to incorporate while designing and building the place.


Creative offices in a corner for business travelers, interesting looking TV panels and an extra sofa next to the king sized bed are just some of the key ingredients for a trendy hotel room. Many designers prefer to use color explosions and eclectic mixes, which is a good idea as it appeals to guests wanting to experience unique accommodation.


Blurring Indoor-Outdoor Boundaries

Sensory Experiences go a long way. Whenever your guests enter your hotel then they expect to get a view from the window of their room. So, try to bring nature inside every possible way to the rooms. Wood paneling, stone decorations, lush greenery, indoor waterfalls these are just some of the elements employed to release the tension of hotel guests.


Green Features

Sustainable is a delicate issue for hotel owners, as they are doing their best to minimize short term costs. But being ahead of the game is important, which sometimes leads to innovative ideas. There are many ways which can be included in the hotel interior design for instance over-sized windows for natural lightning, natural building materials, green walls for greenery, recycling bins for guests, electronic water faucets, locally grown food for cooking and greywater recycling are just a few of the hotel trends for staying green.


Technology overload

A technology-friendly room encourages work-flow when it comes to business tourism. We accept that not everyone is looking for a hi-tech accomodation away from home. But the more and more hotels are trying to keep guests plugged in at all costs. If you are able to provide air conditioning, lighting adjustment, and even window blinds through smartphones with the help of hotel room interior designers then it can turn out to be a good business approach. You must also incorporate tablets and PC on the reception for a better fluency for the employees while working for online connection.


Less Pattern, More Color & Texture

Giving guests something that they can feel new and even get lost in the memorable experience is the one thing you must look for while briefing your luxury hotel interior designer. When a person is away, then you have more time for exploring their senses. So, add a few bright colors to animate spaces and a soothing joyful atmosphere is created.


Personalized Spaces

If the accommodation experience is unique, then memory of a hotel stays with guests for a long long time and surely they want to experience it again. With this in mind, you have to personalize the space as it was never done before. There are many such ideas in the market like pop-up hotels, themed guest rooms to have a strong impact, especially when visitors can only try one at a time.

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