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Keeping It Studio Apartment-Friendly: Interior Design Ideas For Studio Apartments

To create a wholly functional and welcoming home in a restricted space, such as a studio apartment has always been a challenge. Studio apartments are typically capable of harbouring one or two occupants and are ideal for those living alone.


But handling small residential spaces cannot be deemed as a cakewalk, it needs work, innovation and ideas. So, here are some studio apartment-friendly design ideas



1 .Sleeping Unit and Storage



The sleeping unit in a studio apartment is bound to include a bed and a nightstand, so why not add storage space into it? Creating a special unit for sleeping and using its volume for storage compartments. Keep the closet there. Usually, smaller residential interior design in Dubai includes a separate unit for sleep that combines storage space such as your closet and even workspace.



2. Elevated Bed



Want space despite having a bed fit to accommodate two? Just add an elevated bed in your list and you would have space underneath. You can use it as a study/work-space or even closet and other storage compartments.



3. Keep It Dark



Do not be afraid to use dark colours, they can be pretty cool if you choose the right combination, silver, greys, navy blues along with gold or even white goes well. If you want to enhance your interiors, choose the texture of your furniture accordingly and you could also get some wallpapers.



4. Wall Space Usage



That is necessary, hanging desks, foldable furniture, couch and bed, all in one furniture, these are blessings when it comes to studio apartments. Attached nightstands and suspended tables are also available in the market to choose from.

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