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Joinery Solutions

Designing a luxurious interior is no easy feat. Getting the perfect aesthetic requires expert furnishing skills with a knack for creating a fully functional space in a perfect layout. Appello Interiors proficiently overcomes major design hindrances without disrupting the overall aesthetic of the space even if you want to make your home look luxurious on a budget. We have successfully catered to luxurious residential, & commercial projects that make your home look luxurious as per your needs.

What can you expect with us?


Timely Delivery


& Reliability


Ensured Quality


On budget with no surprises

Why are Joinery Solutions important?

Your house or workplace is nothing without all of its accessories. Joinery not only enhances the look of your home or workplace but also add the functionality element to certain spaces. It include the construction of shelves, cabinets, staircases, as well as many other elements. If you have to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom, make sure to hire our joinery services.


Here’s how Appello can help


Plan with client

We discuss the expectations, budget and deadline of project with our clients before the execution of the project to develop a plan.


Provide Solution

We understand the requirements of our client and propose our creative design and fitout solutions that may work best according to the budget and expectations of client.


Deliver Perfection

Our highly skilled team of professional designers make sure to turn your dreams into reality in the specified time by delivering precision and perfection from every element.

We’re here for you, let’s get in touch.

We’re here for you, let’s get in touch.


From home, office to everything, ‘Joinery’ is made from wood and it’s in and around you. Joinery companies in UAE are flexible and tailor their skills according to your needs and requirements. Earlier Joinery was restricted to only small constructions but now joinery companies have started dealing in ships and massive outdoors too. Speaking of materials used in joinery, initially, timber and wood were being used but now it is open to plastic and cement boards too. Nothing can beat a professional’s skill from the best joinery fit out companies in Dubai, especially when the team is skilled with expertise for years. Wood Decor can never go out of style. If you own a hotel business then imagine the beauty of timber and wood adding in the attractiveness of your hotel. Not only in the hotel but in other commercial places. Wood decor or carpentry can never go out of style & hence many people now opt for wood interiors. You can keep it in its natural color or paint it your favorite color. The joinery fit out companies in Dubai work in the same way and provide you with the best designs possible for your place.
We all seek the best interior and exterior around them? Right! Hiring a professional joinery company is the best decision one could make. Appello Interiors is one of the top 10 joinery companies in UAE with expertise in this field. We have a bunch of professionals to ensure that each task is accomplished with utmost perfection and dedication. Wood decor can never go out of style and hence this has given birth to hundreds of joinery companies in Dubai. With our great experience and knowledge, we can provide great results when it comes to home or commercial improvements. The experts at Appello Interiors have developed great problem-solving skills to help get around any issue that may occur throughout the years. We as one of the best joinery companies in Dubai know what we do, we complete the job in the most efficient way possible to help save time on the project. With the right tools, technologies, and ideas we successfully finish the high standard work in no time. With no hidden fees under our closet, the Appello Interiors is among the top joinery companies in UAE.
We have the specific experience of the job that you need to do. We share everything before starting the project, like what materials we use so you can choose as per your requirement. We never ask you to pay full in front, as we trust you and seek the same response from your side. The experts and professionals at Appello Interiors are highly trained and qualified in their respective work. We have already completed a lot of projects with the most positive feedback among the joinery fit-out companies in Dubai.
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