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How to Design & Decorate Your Luxury Pool House – Three Most Effective Ideas

Having your own pool is everyone’s dream & if you have one then you must know how to establish it in the most luxurious ways so that you can entertain your guests in your pool area without having them traipse through your home in wet bathing suits. The pool area in your house is also considered as an important decor area as it is your main house. No matter if you use your luxury pool house as a guest house, a place to store pool accessories, or as a gathering place for friends and family, the pool area must be decorated. It goes without saying that it’s design should flow seamlessly from the main building and the top interior design companies in Dubai can help you with it. Still, there are other characteristics to consider when designing your luxury pool house to make it a magnificent extension of your home.


Build It For Parties

If you constantly entertain your guests or love to throw parties, your luxury pool house must be designed to host the parties big and small. It’s a good idea to provide plenty of room for guests to soak up the sun, as well as bask in the protective shade comfortably. Top interior and design build firm can help you with an outdoor bar area, or may be an indoor or outdoor kitchen to avoid having to go in and out of your main house to get food and drinks. You also need to remember about the technology for music and video entertainment, as well as gorgeous lighting features for when your festivities spill over into the evening hours.


Opt For Pergola

Another benefit of having a pool in your check front yard or backyard is that you can add a beautiful pergola right next to your pool. It can offer a shady place to relax in the tempting summer, and also adds a tropical island gateway to your space. The Pergola Manufacturers in Dubai can provide numbers to design to choose from. With so many options you can choose one which makes sures that you feel like a relaxing getaway destination, even if it’s in your backyard.


Simulate a Vacation Experience

Whether you live in an area rich in palm trees and sunshine or not, it’s always a great idea to make your luxury pool house radiate vacation vibes. Providing ample pool seating so guests can soak up the sun, go for a dip, or do both. White washing the floors along with a hidden sound system playing your favourite country music can spice up the things near your pool area.


Having a luxury pool house is a win-win. It is always a good idea to have a pool in your backyard. Your guests will feel like they are on vacation in your home, and you can enjoy your very own staycation without stepping foot outside your house. There are many other ideas, which can be implemented alongside your pool. All you need to do is to dial the right numbers when you choose the interior design and build firm for this work. We at Appello Interiors, work over the hours to come up with most attractive designs as per your vision and make it true.

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