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Gourmet Trends In Kitchen Design

The kitchen is now a lot more than just a place where the food is cooked and the dishes are washed. The kitchen is no longer a part of the monotonous background, it is now one of the focal points of a home- the kitchen is the place that brings people together.


The kitchen is one of the most important parts of a home when it comes to residential interior design.  Noting the importance of the kitchen, here are some of the trends in kitchen design



1. Smart Kitchens



A trash can with a motion sensor installed in it and has voice recognition as a feature, opening the lid on its own when you are near, a cutting board that can weigh the materials for you, a smart fridge, a smart oven that is time and energy-saving and probably a smart coffee-maker that can be controlled through mobile- all of these would make a smart kitchen and probably, it is only the beginning.  When it comes to luxury-residential interior design Dubai tops the list and having the best of a smart kitchen would be of no surprise.



2. Darker Shades For Cabinets



The kitchen cabinets have been on the side of lighter hues and pastel palette for too long and now, people seem to be more impressed by darker cabinet colours with a lighter kitchen island or wall shades. Darker shades for kitchen cabinets are turning immensely popular among homeowners. Not only do they help brighten up the kitchen but also allows space for more colour combination and texture addition.



3. Effective Storage Solution



Not everyone can afford lavish homes with huge kitchens, homes of average size need effective storage solutions for their kitchens, like replacing upper cabinets with wall shelves, having multilayered, foldable cabinets. Even the wall space can be used for setting up foldable dining tables or using portable tables.



4. Hardwood Flooring and Ceramic Tiles


Hardwood flooring is still the star when it comes to kitchen interiors, home interiors in general- sure, there is no match. But when speaking of the kitchen particularly, ceramic tiles have turned out to be the second most popular preference when it comes to kitchen interior design. Even the top 10 interior design companies in Dubai prefer either hardwood flooring or ceramic tiles when it comes to modern kitchen design, turning it into one of the most popular trends.

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