Cafe Interior Design
Cafe's are not only about good food anymore, but it also requires a great ambiance with other elements. It is important to have an extra-ordinary ambiance for which the interior decoration should be apt. With extensive experience in designing cafes that reflects the story & brand of the business. Appello Interiors provide you with a distinctive, beautiful & functional, but also strategic and streamlined interior build experience with your cafe.
We Aim For No Less Than Perfection With New Modern & Sleek Design.


Dubai is a famous international culinary hub that consists of several melting pots of cafes and restaurants offering scrumptious and rich cuisines from all over the world. First impressions count, and the gustatory delights are not just enough for the cafes to stand out from the others in the city of Dubai. Besides the food, cafes must have an impressive ambiance and a well-appointed cafe interior design. At Appello Interiors, we understand how important it is to develop a retail space that captures the essence of the brand, products, and services. As one of the best cafe interior design companies in Dubai, we establish an atmosphere that has the ability to overall enhance the consumer experience. With the finest selection of materials and resources that match the coffee shop interior design Appello Interiors transform your retail establishment into a spectacular one.

Our well-thought-out layout modern cafe interior design attracts guests and at the same time, allows staff to do their job efficiently. Our coffee shop decoration design company has expertise in designing and executing catering premises.

Modern Cafe Interior Design In Dubai

From the lighting and choice of furniture to the colour theme and accessories, Appello Interiors seamlessly integrate all elements and create a highly aesthetic and welcoming space. We conceptualize and implement cafe fit-out designs that are an amalgamation of both the culinary essence and unique indoor ambiance of each cafe. Our team has expertise in creating cohesive interior design concepts that encourage the ideal setting and ambiance for a luxurious and unforgettable dining experience.

What Is Coffee Shop Interior Design?

A beautifully designed restaurant is key to attracting more customers. Basically, cafe and restaurant interior design fall under the category ‘Food and Beverage’ design. Brands do not want their cafe’s interiors to be just beautiful and functional, but also strategic and streamlined. That is why we specialize in transforming the vision and brand of our clients into a design that delivers a pleasant dining experience. Our designs also deliver an immersive customer experience that draws more people in.

Why Are Appello Interiors The Best Cafe Interior Design Companies In Dubai?

Delivering a number of restaurant and café design projects for brands in UAE, Appello Interiors comes among the best restaurant interior design & build companies in Dubai. We are a company you can trust to deliver results that surpass expectations. We can help to make your branding and give any food business the personality it deserves. We are striving to create a solution that will achieve several goals of your business without being too expensive. The project developed by us lets you save money during execution.

A coffee shop interior design project by Appello Interiors includes:

  • Measurement plan
  • The installation plan of partitions, structures, and finishing
  • The furniture arrangement plan
  • Plan of doorways
  • Floor plan
  • The plan of the ceiling
  • The layout of lighting equipment and plan for connecting lighting equipment.
  • Layout of outlets
  • Elevation of all rooms
  • 3D visualization of premises
Feel free to speak with our team of creative professionals so that we can make your vision a reality.
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