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5 Modern Hotel Interior Design Concepts

Today, everything is competition. No matter which business you invest in, there is enough competition that will force you to use out of the box ideas for success. Every business seeks something different that could elevate their growth. Similarly in the case of hospitality business, trending & modern interior design concepts can be a game changer. A hotel interior design includes many features that need to be perfect with perfect theme, color, design pattern, lighting and even furniture. You just can’t incorporate any theme and expect your guest to like your place.


In the hospitality business it is the customers whose priority must be listened to, so they can feel the ambience of the hotel. So, as we have mentioned there are a few aspects that you should take care while designing the hotel and to make it more captivating, beautiful and a mesmerizing place where people would love to spend time. Let us have a detailed look in these aspects.


Hotel Interior Design Concept 

The public area of a hotel must be attractive & eye-catching, while going through hotel interior design you should give importance to the areas like lounges, guest corridors, banquet halls, bars, leisure areas such as health clubs. We suggest to never ignore the guest’s room and associated rooms. It’s not as simple as it seems, the hotel business depends upon the aesthetic and therefore every hotel interior designer should be aware about the following key areas upon the aesthetic and therefore every hotel owner should be aware about the following key areas of interior decoration.


A Luxurious Lobby

First thing people notice after entrance is the lobby, they judge you accordingly and select the hotels while looking at the lobby appearance. It usually consists of dining, gathering & recreation. People rank & value of a hotel entirely depends upon the reviews which could be achieved by the state and ambience of the hotel’s lobby design. Every commercial hotel design should incorporate a luxurious yet modern hotel lobby so that it can create a positive impact on the guests. Well designing a lobby can be a difficult task but not for hotel interior design companies. They look out for basic & important needs like quality, comfort and sophistication which are highly valued by visitors.


Concept of Art-Light

In Modern hotel room designs, it is important to keep focus on the visual art, as it makes the place more appealing, aesthetic, and fascinating. Lighting has a significant impact and can be a good one for hotel entrance design. To achieve excellence in this area, the addition of multiple corner pendants, rock crystal overhead chandeliers & sculptural side tables. You can find such concepts in top five stars hotels.


Rooms & Associated Cabins 

The hotel rooms are the most vital aspects. The guest who paid his hard money would like to be in a relaxed and cozy one. They are supposed to feel like a home, where they could easily access the facilities of the hotel. You can incorporate classic to modern one. All room designs ideas suggest that hotel rooms should be luxurious one have the capability to manage the guest and make them feel welcomed. Here it’s worth noting that hotel bedroom design should be fascinating and enticing.


These are hotel interior design concepts that a hotel owner must include in your home. Top interior and design firms like Appello Interiors can help you in achieving the best hotel design and decor.

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